Welcome to M. P Watson & Co.

M. P. Watson & Co. Has Been in business since the early 1980's and is very successful in what we do. We provide standardized templates for you to fill as you go a long, and the spreadsheet will do the work, and at the end of you term, Tax return, VAT return, we will file it with HMRC on your behalf.

A long side our accountancy and bookkeeping utility we also help fill in any forms relating to Company's House, Self employment registration and anything else you need to get your company's enrollment with necessary government legislations.

The Team

Our staff are very helpful and can answer most questions easily, and  Michael Watson and Nataya Chunbua have a very hands on approach towards their clients. we believe this personal touch give clients the confidence and reassurance that we are the best choice for their finances, after all, who wants to talk to robots and computers when they are trying to run a business and sort out their Tax, VAT returns and Payroll.